Are there uninsured children in Johnson County?

9% of students in the Iowa City Community School District were uninsured at registration for the 2023-24 school year!

Why provide healthcare at school?

Appointments at school are easily accessible and decrease the time kids are out of class. Schools are a familiar place for families. Clinics in school may help keep vulnerable families engaged.

Why donate now?

Healthy Kids School Based Clinics have 16 years of serving children in need in the greater Iowa City area. Requests for our services have increased every year, but the past two years have surpassed our capacity! COVID-19 highlighted the stark inequities in healthcare access between the "haves" and "have nots". Please act now to help us help more kids!

Who needs Healthy Kids School-Based Clinics?

  • Kids who are uninsured

  • Kids with high copays or deductibles

  • Kids who are new to the Iowa City Community

  • Families who don't speak English

  • Families without a car

  • Families who need help to navigate the complicated healthcare system

  • Parents who don't get personal days or sick days for medical appointments

  • Parents with significant medical or mental health problems

  • Parents who work during typical clinic hours

Where are Healthy Kids School-Based Clinics located?

We currently have three clinic sites: City High, Northwest Junior High and Southeast Junior High. The clinic travels to West High once a month and to other schools when feasible.